Weekend Getaway to Gettysburg PA for History Buffs and Culture Lovers

Gettysburg PA is one of the best places for a weekend getaway for History Buffs and Culture Lovers. It is best known as a site of a turning point in the Civil War - The Gettysburg National Battlefield.  Now it is part of Gettysburg National Military Park which you can tour on your own or with a licensed battlefield guide. Most people visit Gettysburg thanks to its historical significance. But there are plenty of amazing things to do while visiting Gettysburg.


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Here are the best things to do during your weekend getaways to Gettysburg.

  1. Take a guided tour of the Gettysburg battlefield: The best way to learn about the Gettysburg reach history is to take a guided tour.
  2. Visit the Sachs Covered Bridge: The bridge looks amazing, but it’s also bringing a massive historical significance. This bridge was crossed by the armies during the Civil War and many say it’s the most haunted bridge in America. With that in mind, it’s a great place to take pictures and learn more about its role in US history.
  3. Check the Shriver House Museum: When you enter this museum, you feel like you get back to the 1860s. You get to see a lot of interesting, old pieces, but also access many artifacts that bring Shriver’s family to life.
  4. Enjoy a food tour: Gettysburg does have a large variety of restaurants and great specialty foods. We recommend giving a try to local soups or homemade ice cream. These are only a few of the local specialties which will impress you very quickly.
  5. Go shopping in downtown Gettysburg: The downtown part of Gettysburg is widely known for having 100+ stores that sell pretty much anything you would expect. There are clothing stores, but also antique stores that sell various civil war artifacts. Here you can also see some Civil War buildings which still show their damage from those times.
  6. Enjoy the Gettysburg chocolate market: Gettysburg chocolate is very popular and people love it because it’s so tasty and of great quality. Another thing to note is that you have a very large variety, from candy to fudge and many others. There are also chocolate concoctions along with ice cream and coffee or soda.
  7. Go to the Round Barn: The Round Barn is a great place to visit because you can access some incredible foods. It’s a great location if you want to enjoy local produce, plus it’s also an amazing place to take pictures too.


The entrance to Gettysburg National Military Park is free! The price of the weekend will depend on the hotel you pick.

Where To Stay

We recommend staying in The Swope Manor Bed & Breakfast. It has perfect 5* reviews on TripAdvisor. This historic B&B was built in 1836 and is located right in the heart of Gettysburg. It provides 13 luxurious rooms. An amazing breakfast is included in the price.


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